About Us

PARACHRON (pronounced para-kron) was created out of necessity to be an environmentally conscious activewear brand in a sea of mass-produced, volume-discounted apparel options. While mass-produced clothing can be easy on your wallet, it is also often bad for the environment. This is because many of the unsold items are thrown away which, over the years, has led to clothing becoming the second largest global pollutant.

PARACHRON is your environmentally friendly activewear option because we only produce what we sell, as soon as each order is placed. This greatly cuts down on waste compared to mass-produced alternatives. Accordingly, we have implemented an efficient ‘on-demand’ manufacturing and fulfillment system. Right after an order is placed on parachron.com, that order is electronically received by our manufacturing facility which then quickly and carefully prints the pattern, cuts and sews the fabric, checks the finished garment for quality, and then ships it to the requested address.

PARACHRON is a brand that provides men and women with stylish and comfortable outfits that match their active lifestyles. We offer unique, printed and embroidered apparel and accessories. All of our selections are ethically produced and incorporate high-quality materials and craftsmanship in association with attractive designs, vibrant colors, and creative printed patterns.

To learn more about what sets PARACHRON apart, visit our page about The PARACHRON Difference.

Due to our unique on-demand fulfillment process, PARACHRON activewear is sold exclusively through our e-commerce retail website, parachron.com. Whether you are dressing for yoga, the gym, or casual outing, PARACHRON is your place!